Should I block my ex on facebook?

I removed my ex from fb because I couldn't stand seeing her posts/pictures anymore. She contacted me in January telling me how her life wasn't that great etc.. and then asked why I removed her. To not complicate things I made up an excuse and added her back. Now she recently posted photos and one was with this guy who visited her from another state who went to the same college we attended. Bottom line is I just don't want to see anything from her and want to block her, since removing her so soon again would just seem silly. The only problem is that I am moving to the same city as her in a couple months.


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  • If you have no interest what so ever to be friends with her and seeing anything she does, then block her.

    You are not obligated to have anyone in your FB that you don't want there.

  • If you don't want to be friends with her just delete her nd not answer if she calls


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