Guys, do u think he'll just never talk to me again after everything?

Dated this guy who's 34 and I'm 22. Ended it bc age difference w me but I told him it's just bc he was afraid to open up and he pretty much admitted it. I asked to stay friends but he said no.
Well I ended uo running Into him few months later downtown and his friend tried to ask for my number and he didn't like that and took me home w him. Then said we could be friends . Well, ended uo staying at his place a lot of Friday nights for a couple months and he would take me out to breakfast and went to movies too. My sister ran I to him this week when downtown drunk and started saying how I could do better than him and all this stuff. He told me
he ran Into her so I caled him and he said we should delete each others numbers and I started crying. He was like y do u like me I'm an asshole and I said no ur not. And he said he has oronlems
and he would only let me down if he dated me. And I said that's not true , u don't open uo to anyone ur a closed book and he was like I am and people don't change. And I was like what is so wrong w u like what r u damafed goods? And he said yeah I am I had my heart broken badly (years ago) . And I was like I'm asking u to open up to me please and he's like I have problems I wanna be left alone. Finally we hung uo and the next day he texted me sorry for 2am drinking drama. Guess friends thing didn't work for us. And I'm thinking we never were just friends. I tried to message him back saying id he never opens uo he won't get anywhere and drinking on weekends isn't living a meaningful life. But I figured he wouldn't answer. Is this it? He's just gonna push away someone bc they actually care ? Do U think he'll just never talk
me again? We had such good times and I rlly
csre for him ...?


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  • Hard to say if he will talk anymore or not. He may not want anyone to get to close. At one point in my life I felt the same way for the same reason. I didn't so much change my mind on how I felt , someone else changed it for me. You have two choices here , you can hold on a while longer and wait and see if he does decide to contact you or just say to heck with it a go on with life.

    • you mean you found the right girl? bc thats why im more sad. i feel if i was the right girl maybe he wouldve gotten over his issues

    • If he is still holding out hope with this other girl then that in my opinion is why he hasn't tried to show more interest in you. Just let him have some more time to see if it's going to work out with her and if it doesn't , who knows what may happen between the two of you

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  • In my opinion there is no changing him. He hasn't had that moment that makes him want to change. There is nothing you can do about it. It is all on him. I know you care for him, but he doesn't know how to open up to anyone. I say move on. Maybe you moving on will give him the motivation he needs to open up. He does care for you, but he is being selfish. You shouldn't have to live your life that way


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