My girlfriend broke up with me for shallow reasons. I need help. It really hurts. What to do?

My gf broke up with me today because I just forgot to tell her that I had fallen asleep and that she has been waiting for my text message. I think its really stupid and she talked shit about me like telling me that I was dumb and ugly. We've been for almost 2 years, and we had lots of plans for the future and now I think that it will just be a thing of the past. We have been quarelling for almost 2 weeks but yesterday we were good together. There are times that I just dont feel needed by her and that I have to do the first move in texting whatsoever. Also, I just dont feel special around her, she takes me for granted and ignores my feelings, whenever I open up about our problems in our relationship she just tells me to cut your drama. She didn't even give a a gift on my birthday ( I'm not expecting it but thats what girlfriends do) and also didn't greet me on Valentine's day and Christmas. And she has been cold to me and unaffectionate. Im really having a hard time. Pls help me what to. What will be the best decision?
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  • You sound like you both have needs that weren't being met and different values. Try to understand that it means you weren't right for each other and don't let her negative words change how you see yourself. If she treated you badly then she didn't care very much for you or value your feelings, is that the kind of person you want to be with? Accept who she actually is and don't think about who you would like her to be ok, and it will help you see the reality of the situation and move on.

    • Thats what I always notice. And she even laughs at me everytime I cry during an argument . I think im losing my manliness in our relationship. And I think that I always to have be cautious in every thing I do because of the fear that she might break up with me. Its just a waste that our 2nd anniversary is just 2 months away and we have lots of plans and it really makes me feel sad. What's the best thing to do?

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    • I really think what you're saying is right. I just feel like a loser because I did most of the effort and the chasing and trying to make our relationship better. And I just want to feel it from her. I feel that we have an unfinished business in our relationship. And let me ask, how do I value myself and show it to her?

    • Stop caring what she thinks, she doesn't value you so who cares. Don't put up with anyone who speaks to you in a demeaning way or who makes you feel bad about yourself. None of your relationships will be healthy if you don't value yourself and have enough self-respect to know when a relationship is no good for you. A decent person will respect and value the person they are dating even if that person doesn't have the highest self esteem or respect for themselves.

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  • Is this the situation?

    At any rate sounds like you are better off without her.

  • When people break up for petty reasons like this it means that they don't want to be in a relationship and we're just finding small reasons to justify breaking up.

    • The thing is that she always breaks up with me for just simple reasons. I just can't understand her. Im trying hard to figure out what's wrong with me but even if I try to be good with her again she always goes back to her ways. And that she easily gets irritated at me even by just asking her a simple question.

    • Were* damn autocorrect.

      My best fteind broke up with her boyfriend 10 times in 2 months. I asked her why she treats him like that and she told me that she likes him and then stops liking him, then when she breaks up she misses him.

      She's wasting your time.

    • My girlfriend is also like that. She breaks up with me then a day or for a couple of hours we're back again. She tells me that I have to bear with her attitude. I feel kinda sad but just thinking of how she treated me gives me the strength to move on. But she's a waste because she's hot.

  • Together two years, and she broke up with you because you fell asleep texting.
    Is this even a question?

    • Maybe. How can I tell or convince to myself that its time to throw in the towel?

    • I think her breaking up over that it's good enough reason to move on..

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  • She is either playing with you which isn't cool or she wants to break up anyways. No matter what she sounds like a grade A bitch. It sucks it was two years but you will feel better when you find a better girl :)

    • It's just a waste because she was beautiful and lots of guys want her. I dont want her to be with someone new. Its really hard for me. If you were at my shoes, what would be the best thing to do? I need your help. Thanks.