Can you guys help me understand what he really means?

Okay so we were seeing each other for 3 years (long distance) and I asked him if he wants to make things official. I said I wanted to know where I stand so we wouldn't waste each other's time (big mistake!) That's when he said he wanted to end things. We seemed to be pretty much okay. I mean, just a month before I talked to him, he even sent me a guitar recording of him for my birthday and said hopefully someday he'd get to sing to me in person.

He keeps on giving me mixed signals. Like, he keeps on changing his reasons why he wanted to end things. At first he said it bothers him because he knows it bugs me when he suddenly stops talking to me (I confronted him about this). He said usually, he's busy but other times he just don't feel like talking. Not just to me, but to everyone else. And he's worried that when he goes to work soon, he won't have time for a relationship.

I wasn't contented and still kept asking him questions. He changed his reason to being lazy, and even said that he doesn't talk to me because he thinks we don't match (but he just said at first that he's like that for everyone). And so I didn't stop bugging him and later on he changed his reason to just wanting to be alone. I asked him if I'm the reason why he won't be happy. He said being in a long distance relationship is what won't make him happy. The last reason he gave was he just don't want it to be long distance relationship and said that it's not because of me. (So confusing! He said a while ago it was me, because we don't match)

I asked him if he still likes me and he said yes, but just not ending up together. But at the same time, he said he likes me but he won't ask me to wait for him (he's coming back here for good in 3 more years). He insists I entertain other guys and not wait for him because it's just too much to ask from me. He said he'll feel bad if he will ask me to wait for him and thought there's a lot of people waiting in line for me.

Does he like me or not? :(


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  • I would say if he does like you, its not a huge amount, he has stated that he doesn't see you both together for various reasons, and I for one would make damn sure I moved back to see the person I wanted to be with if they felt the same. Also he doesn't seem particularly bothered that there appear to be "a lot of other people waiting for you". This hardly sounds like someone whos desperate not to have you go out with someone else. Yes you could wait for him, but if he meets someone in those 3 years you will have waited in vein and missed many potential oppertunities

    • I mentioned before that I turned down guys for him, and eh said he felt bad about it. Well, we broke up via text. Do you think we should talk about this is person?

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    • Yes. We met in college and he was the first one to approach me and told me he likes me. Oh yeah, he said there's no one elese and he's currently not gonna look for one in 3 yeare, because he doesn't like someone who's from a different country.

      Also, a couple of months back, I asked him what he meant when he first first told me he likes me. He said before, it was more of I want to get to know you. And now it's more of his instinct was right, that I was the girl he likes. And now this... he suddenly says he don't see us as a match? I don't know what to believe.

    • I'm not sure if he's just saying all these to make me entertain other guys because he feels it's unfair for me when he can't even spend time with me... or he just really doesn't feel anything for me anymore.

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  • How did you meet? My friend was "catfished" by this girl he met on Facebook. She seemed like a legitimate page, but it was a fake account. She sent him pre-downloaded pictures of the girl she claimed to be, went to girl's Facebook and found videos of the girl in which she downloaded and sent to him (as well plenty more). So that recording may not be the person you thought it may be, if you've never met this guy before. If he wants to end things so suddenly, out of no where, he probably wants to stop it before the point where it gets serious enough to meet face to face. I'm not trying to assume, but that is just what I interpreted. Sorry if it doesn't help!

    • We met in college. He was the one who first approached me and told me he likes me

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  • he does not love you and just can't get himself to tell you.

    I am sure he does has some feelings for you, but not the romantic kind. He is clearly asking you to move on.
    Maybe he already has someone else. who knows.

    If someone can't give a real reason its because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

    My advice is to take his word on it and move on.


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