How to get over an ex and a break up?

how to get over an ex and a break up?


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  • Don't think of it as a failure, rather, think of it as a learning experience, a stepping stone in the path you've chosen. Making yourself a victim is easy, staying focused planning what's next takes courage. Take the good things you've learned from it with you, and leave behind the baggage that has compromised you. Be grateful for the experience, even if it was a bad one, because those are the times where you can test your true character, and that is something you should welcome with open arms. Fear and a lack of courage are the real biggest killers in life.

    • Thanks that was lovely that had really opened my mind

    • Glad to have helped you :)

      Oh, I just realized you were under 18, so I have to also give you my "relationships are pointless until you have a solid career path" speech too. Your education should be your #1 priority.

    • Very well said

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  • No easy way unfortunately :( When I split with my ex I thought my world was falling apart and I didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't imagine anything feeling worse and I just couldn't see one day ahead of me without her, let alone forever. But honestly, you do get through each day, it will hurt and it will take time but I would say keep busy. Go out with your mates, even if you don't feel like it that much. Have a good night out, eat some ice cream, do a bit of retail therapy and keep people around you in those first few weeks. Stay occupied and think positive thoughts, even if it's something silly, just look forward to little things. Before you know it the initial pain will begin to ease and you won't think about your ex as much or feel the need to text/see them. It took me a good few months to begin to feel quite a bit better after I broke up with my girlfriend. But be patient, and there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

    • Thank you that has really helped, thank u for taking the time to write that

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  • There is not easy way out, its just time. Acting like they don't exist helped me a lot. And also cutting off all contact with them helps just as much. If you have his number delete & block it. If you have him on social media delete him and block him. If he gave you anything throw it away. I look at a break up as a learning experience. You are one step closer to your one true love. I took the time to just focus on myself and I tried to use that as a distraction. Take out the things you didn't like and then put down the things you did like in your relationship. It could take weeks, or months, or even up to a year but its worth it in the end, trust me. It took me about, 5-8 months. You'll feel broken for some time but as the weeks go by it gets so much more easier. Distract yourself and hang out with your friends, go out and meet new people but don't start dating just yet, give yourself time to heal. Just be patient and let time take its course. But avoiding all contact with them is really effective and it helps a lot.

    • I love the thought that it is a stepping stone and you are one step closer to finding the one, I'm going to block him out of my life and start fresh and focus on my education for a bit, Im just going to let time heal me, and hang out with my friends more and make new memories, Im going to take every lesson I have learnt with me and leave all the baggage behind, I don't need him, this will fade in time. But for now I don't like him and I don't care about him but I keep have flash backs and it's really annoying cause I can't be bothered with him and I don't care it's just like I'll be cooking dinner or shopping and them something will remind me of him or have a random flash back and how can I stop it it's so irritation I don't want to remember it, it's makes me sad

    • I understand I had a lot of flashbacks of my ex when he broke up with me its like I saw him everywhere and then as the months went by it got so much more easier for me. And it will get easier for you I promise. If you just cut them out of your life, talk to other people, and act like they don't exist, if you two go to school together or something it so effective. I fell out of love with my ex but I learned a lot as well. You can only try so much in a relationship if it doesn't work then let it go. I also wouldn't recommend being friends with them as well, bad idea. As the weeks and or months go by it gets so much easier, I know you might feel broken right now but it'll get easier I promise. Just act like he doesn't exist, trust me it works just give it time and try to hang in there. I understand its hard but it gets easier.

    • It's been about a month now and Im honestly so much more happy with my self, he didn't make me completely happy and I feel like me a bit more I lost my self but I'm finding me again and it's great although I get to show him what he's missing in school it's fun cause I get to show him I'm ok. Although I do have a memory every now and then but I don't care as much cause they don't bother me as much just I just carry on as normal and it's nice to know I can stand on my own two feet again. I've been doing better in school, having more fun with my friends, I've meet people j wouldn't even choose to talk to and trying new things abd honestly I feel great my life is better with out him I can honestly say I'm becomeing my self again

  • Avoid all contact. Because you will miss him. Just distract yourself from it and don't think about it. It's true, time will heal it all.


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