Could my ex boyfriend give me another chance, if he still loves me, and sees that I'm serious about changing?

We dated for two years and had an amazing relationship. We broke up a little over a month ago, I was really bad about the NC thing at first but it's been about two weeks since the last time I contacted him. We spent basically everyday together. We're both full time students and he also works a lot so he had a hard time balancing his time. We share the same values, the same sense of humor, we just have a great time when we are together, and he's agreeded to that after our break up. We basically ended because I have shit I need to work on. I tend to be controlling, and kind of aggressive in fights (not physically ever) Im not going to sit back and say I don't need to work on things, I know I do, and I am. My question is, because we still love each other, and do have an amazing connection, if he could see that I'm serious about working on myself, and changing and just becoming a more relaxed person, could there be a chance? I know most guys don't believe in getting back with their exs but we ended on good terms and I'm really trying. When we broke up we both agreed to revisit the trying again talk in a couple months, and I'm just trying to hard to work on myself and to become the kind of person who deserves an amazing guy like him. I know that even though we broke up for a reason we also got together for a reason, and I think with a lot of hard work on my part the reason we got together can become strong than the reason why we broke up.


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  • I'm going through a breakup too, kind of similar. We ended on good terms & I haven't bothered him at all about getting back together (all the info is in my profile)

    I agree, you guys got together for a reason. No Contact is a tricky thing bc if he initiates contact first, ignoring him might make him thi you're over it! Everyone swears by NC but I think in situations where the relationship ended on good terms, it is OK to contact if he initiates. Just don't be pushy or talk about the past relationship. Just work on yourself & keep Busy (I know, it's hard :-/) but he will come around and start to miss you and if you guys ended on good terms there's no reason he wouldn't want to meet up w you eventually. Just make sure you don't bring up the past and try to start fresh!


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  • It's possible, but not probable. I can guarantee he doesn't want to hear you say, I'm working on it, I want to change. If there is a chance, he's going to have to see the result of the change, not hear about how it's going to happen. Leave it be for now, stick to no contact and TRULY focus on yourself. If you're only doing it to impress him, you aren't doing it for the right reasons and he will see right through it.

  • It's very possible


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