What do I do? Just feel like crying?

Because I miss my ex and I don't know what to do , someone help me


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  • Well, first of all I'm sorry you're hurting.

    I believe your greatest allies here are time and distance. If there were some pill we could take and just get over relationships painlessly, then whoever invented that pill would be a multibillionaire. Although it doesn't seem like it and I know the pain seems bigger than you, every day, bit by bit, the pain gets smaller until you find that you are bigger than the pain. You're also wiser.

    In the meantime, I suggest you try and stay active as exercise does a lot more than make us fit. It can help make us less depressed. I suggest you try to talk to trusted mentors in your life. I suggest you try to do as many activities as possible to keep yourself occupied. And bit by bit, day by awful day, you'll find the sun will come out. If you feel it's taking longer than it should, or you feel like you might hurt yourself, then seek out a professional.

    Message me if you like. Take care now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I was your age, I had my first break up, I spent the whole Christmas holiday being all sad, and pretending I was fine when I was infront of him, none the less I look back and realize what an idiot I was, because you will get the chance to find someone better, and if it's meant to be you two will get back together, all though it hurts now it will pass- and know that better things will come if you just gather yourself together, put on a brave face and act like you're okay, the more you act it the more you'll believe it then it'll be true and not just an act!


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  • Talk to someone about it, and get it out of your system.


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  • Well if your missing him that much go back to him in sure he will be there for you hope everything works out in the end x


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