Would you dump a woman if you didn't like her friends?

I had to break up with my girlfriend because her friends talked bad about me behind my back. If I can't get along with a woman's friends, it's not gonna work out even if she's great. Have you done this?


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  • I have and I would do again, the company people keep says a lot about them anyway even if they behave differently around me.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I've detested many of my previous bfs bros - never have I dumped a guy for it though. What a shitty excuse. Clearly she wasn't that "great" or you would've acted like an adult and communicated a bit more constructively.

    • I'd do it again. If I can't get along with a woman's friends, I'll simply stop dating her. Which is my right.

    • Of course it's your right. Just remember when you run into this problem next time (which you inevitably will) to twist the knife a little bit to the left. I sincerely hope she wasn't in love with you.

    • Are you saying I'm wrong? I'm not. I'm a firm believer in people are who they hang out with. If her friends were bad mouthing me, who knows what she was saying. I don't like two faced people.

  • ahhmmm that's really no reason to break up in my opinion.
    if you have issues with her friends you could have asked for a meeting with all of them where they could tell you what exactly their problem is with you.
    sometimes "friends" get jealous if one of the group has something good going on.
    Or maybe they really had valid concerns about you. Now you will never know will you...

    Anyway, it is your girlfriend who has to put up with the gossip, and as long as she is on your side, what the hell do you care what anyone else thinks of you?

    Really, grow a pair :-)

    • I did grow a pair. I let her know I wasn't going to put up with her friends crap and I dumped her.

    • But did you give her a chance to set things straight with the other girls?
      As long as your relationship was solid and she didn't behave differently when being with you than when being with them, why not just ignore the haters and move on? After all, like I said before, she is the one that has to handle the gossip and be mature about it.
      Of course, if she was insecure and bought into it, that's another story. In that case I completely agree with you.

  • It appears that you'll be single for the rest of your life

  • It's a good idea. Their friends influences a lot on what your gf will think.


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