Girls, what to do I'm confused?

1 year and a half relationship she chased me

So Thursday me n my girlfriend get into a argument something dumb she drops me off at a sfriends house for a few days so I texted her Thursday after about an hour and ask her if we're together she says I don't know maybe then I asked her if she's talking to someone else she says yes but not like that so leave her alone she text me Friday night wanting to know why I'm watching the things I'm watching on you tube then sends me a naked picture saying this is the only ass u should worry about so I asked again r we together and she says I don't know maybe then she says come home Wednesday we can talk so I leave it alone and text her Monday after not hearing from her Saturday and she acts really shity toward me and says I'll see u Wednesday if u want the then Monday night when she text me she wasn't fully her self but she was nice telling me she loved me I asked if she missed me I gotta maybe same if I was moving back home I pay the bills there I give her all my money no question ask and if I stay here I lose my job ?
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  • try to work it out
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  • While you try and work it out (try to avoid the inevitable fight with this) but bring up the money issue


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