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My ex bf said he won't invest emotionally in me but loves me and has strong feelings for me, he said he has emotional pain from our breakup, how can I change this? I've tried everything nothing works, he's been meeting random women on tinder, having sex soon after our breakup but gets mad at the fact that I brtter no have sex if I'm still trying to get him back. Why would he care if I had sex or not? When he's doing it. I want to be with him, but he doesn't trust that we won't argue, says he needs to be single. I don't feel comfortable taking him back after he's been around and by being apart I know I won't consider it after the 'fun' is over, how can I get him to invest his emotions back.


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  • I wish all girlfriends to be like you... there's few girls who still loyal and loving for their ex... now basically he's trying to take another chance with you... but tell me why you broke up with him?

    • He broke up with me and doesn't want to give it a chance

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    • He said we argued too much stressed him out. Now he says a relationship isn't jdeal for him and that it's an exception for an expectional woman. I've done everything I can to Fix it but it's only making it worse

    • Now i clearly understand... you've done your part of the game... leave him alone... he's the one supposed to work now... if he's just playing he'll surrender in a week :-D... if he really don't want the relationship to continue... he won't make any move at all..

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  • Ugh I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm going through a breakup, too. It sounds to me like he's filling the emotional void by seeing other women. That must be an awful feeling for you :( but you need to just leave him alone. I know it's so hard, but he won't get to miss you if you are always around. Let me ask you, what have you done to try and get him back?

    • II've talked to him for a month. Literally asking what I can do to make it better. He's put me down everyday. Saying I'm drama, unstable, not intelligent, not up to his standards. He says I annoyed him in which I probably have but it hurts Leavibg it alone knowing he's out there doing all that. I guess I have to..

    • I know its so hard to do. But trust me, if he's telling you those things then he's basically trying to push you away from him. Just completely leave him alone for now and hopefully he starts to miss you! A month of begging him is a long time, though. But, start now by just leaving him be. He's getting angry which is why he's saying those things to you. Delete your Facebook if you have one, all it causes is drama. I deleted mine a long time ago and it's amazing to not have to deal with the drama. Also, he will start to notice you aren't in his life anymore and if he's going to ever miss you, he has to notice you're gone first

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  • You can't, because he's not allowing himself to fully commit to you and trust you. He doesn't trust you, and there's nothing you can do about that. Trust takes time and it takes proving to each other constantly that you're the one for them. But honestly, if he's having sex with random women all the time it doesn't sound like he's ready to be committed anytime soon. He said it himself, he needs to be single. Respect that and let him go.


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