He changed on me first, it's been 3 years and I just want things normal between us? We both played a foolish game. ?

He changed first, it's been 3 years...I feel like my friendship is unwanted, I pulled back first and now I pulled back I feel he hates me. I can't get closer to him because of how things were handled originally with us.... ugh, I'm going through it. Cause part of me want to reach out and be the person I was before. ..care free told him any and every thing trust him again. ..but the other part finds it so difficult, I'm so guarded when dealing with him, I'm scared he'll play me or pull back like he did before, I don't know what or why the hell it's like this.... I'm not like this I'm blunt friendly caring funny, well at least I think I'm funny. ..how should this matter be approach, we've been back and forth for 3 years now.. I don't care if he doesn't want me, I just want to regular and not so awkward around this regular guy.. :*( I'm stressed.
This is just so brutal, I'm in shock with how hard I'm taking this... wtf
He's not listening to me :*( who the f**k I do now, I'm losing him right in front of my eyes.
I think he hates me, I feel it


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  • Reach out tell him to hear you out

    • Oh man god of only knows, I swear if it was as simple as that I would of been done that, but with all the back and forth game playing it just made things that much difficult. ... I hate that I can't just say what's on my mind to him, and honestly it's not just the rejection.. I just don't wanna be annoying, I'm just so scared. But believe me I've tried like hell

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  • Seems like it's really hard for you... like i always say when you're dealing with something that bothering-hurting-annoying.. get rid of him as quickly as possible...


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