How to get over it and let it go?

He's a friend that I like as more than a friend. ..I had feelings he liked me too. Nothing never came of us, after flirting consistently, I feel like he led me on, but I know the flirting was mutual.. anyway he's dating another women now and I feel played? We've flirted back n forth for 3 years and I've made my intentions clear, although there was things preventing it in the beginning, but I alway had this hope..He was shy about it so was I..but we kept at it until one of us felt compelled, or at least comfortable. That never happened. We remain friends, but he started seeing someone else. And now I feel upset and hurt. Like why was it so easy for him to ask her out and we been friends and talking for 3 years but he didn't have the nerve to ask me, I thought he really liked me and I was doing us a favor by being patient. But now I feel like I was just passing the time for him... how unfair. And it's sad cause now I gotta pretend to be happy for him and be all grown up and sweep what I thought we had under a rug. :*(. Mean while, who knows if he's even thought about the time I invested . :*( I'm so fuckin hurt by him.
I guess not only nice boys finish last apparently so do nice women.
I don't want hear I should talk to him, cause I can't he's happier where he is obviously, I don't want to become that girl... I just want a clean break, cause I can't be around him lately I avoid him could barely look him In. His face, and sense I wear my heart on my sleeves, it's easy to tell in my behavior, how I speak short and can't give him eye contact. I think this is really bad cause he knows I'm not like that.
He won't even listen to me :*(


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  • He never led you on. You flirted and he flirted you could have asked him out. He wasn't sure if you was ready to take your friendship to a whole new level

    • Yeah but I did try to ask him he shot every attempt. .. dinner or lunch would of been no more than that. I wasn't looking to corner the guy outside if work. But I did want to get more comfortable and got to know him better outside of work, I thought we were cool enough for that. But, it seemed as if I was pushing it, he always was to busy. Or it seemed like he couldn't I made him uncomfortable

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  • He led you on? Really? He never made a move on you yet he led you on?

    I'd suggest therapy.


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