Is it toI late for NC rule?

My ex and I had a rocky breakip he wanted a clean breakup and I begged for about 5 weeks I know I know petty! I tried what I could to change his mind. Only pushed him away more, he still responds to my text message. But really angry! He says a lot of mean things. I feel like he's so different. Says he has strong feelings for me but doesn't want to be with me because we argued and it stressed him out. Told him I wouldn't and would apply all that. Still no. He says I don't want a relationship because I know how you are, We've hooked up a few times durning our split. He gets mad when I tell him if he can hookup woth randoms so can I and he tells me he wouldn't come back I so, he said you're gna do anything to hurt me one night after drinking we had sex he asked if I hookedup I said it's none of your business (which I didnt) he got really upset pulled my hair, spit on me. He said I shouldn't be trying to get him back and whoring around. Then he says I don't want a relationship with you right 'now' maybe never act mature. Why is he giving me mixed signals like he wants me to wait until he's done whoring around? He slept with a chick shortly after a breakup. I feel betrayed hurt. He also said He didn't want to be around me if I go sleep around after. Why is he making me feel like there is hope left? Should I do NC and do me? I shouldn't be scared of him not coming back if I sleep with someone else. Why is he saying I devalue myself If I do but he can!!! He tells me to move on but if I date other people stop trying to get him back.


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  • Seems like an abusive hypocritical manipulative pussy that you shouldn't be with.

    You should definitely go off and do your own thing. If he expects you to NOT sleep around, while he's free to and expects you to give it up when he wants, he's immature and needs to grow up.

    Most certainly move on and DON'T look back. He isn't worth it.

    • Thanks girl I know what I have to do I hope the NC tmrw helps me get over the emotional pain. I ended up telling him off today saying if he can I can. He's stringing me along until he's done having fun. It def hurts to know he's out there doing that but tells me to stay valuable

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