I broke up with my best friend now. people hate me what should I do?

So I had a friend, we know each other for 4 years but have been friends for 3 year (one year seriously ) anyway we stopped being friends at first we agreed to stop for a month and see what will happen (I am a different, clever, boring, shy, forever single girl, not nerdy if u get to know me I am very strange, people say so, coz I am from another country and my friend is became cool and found friends that I don't know, always changes bf) and the next day she posted a pic with other girls that she told me they were "just friends " and wrote BFF. And then she told everyone that we broke up and talked behind my back and now people look at me like I am a ghost and whisper behind my back and don't come to me (before people didn't like me so I tried very hard to talk to other girls and I am not talkative but now those I tried to talk to just think I am awful. ) and when month passed I asked her if she wants to be friends with me, she said why not, but still thinks I am a betrayer and tell everyone that I betrayed her, and me I just stupidly stay quiet and don't know what to do, no one likes me and no one wants to talk to me (I have one friend she is from the same place as m, but she is more Like childish and doesn't like my friend so I don't talk to her, and one more friend that has her own group) What should I do?


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  • Just catch Ur Frnd back... ask for further relationship... if will not agree... find someone better


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