My ex who is married is posting pics from the time I used to date him?

we have been broken for 5 years now. He played me and dumped me. I was in a 2 year relationship with him. Recently he got married 2-3 months ago then right now when i saw his Facebook. He deleted all his wedding pics and posted the pic that i took of him from 5 years back. This is so weird. Is he getting a divorce? We have tons of mutual friends i dont keep tabs on him but whenever i see a common friend or even my friends they tell me updates about him and thats how i ended up looking at his profile. I am so confused. he hasn't contacted me or anything but i just feel really weird. Is he done with her? does anyone have any opinion about this situation or maybe were in a similar situation?


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  • You are part of his history. It may not mean anything. It may mean he has regrets. You won't know until you ask him.. or hear from others.

    • but why would he delete his wedding pics? this is so awkward.. i just went down the memory lane and felt really uncomfortable. it would be nice if he messages me and apologize.

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    • hhahah no she's off fb! i am sure theyre probably getting divorce done. i guess justice has been served! LOL i feel bad for her but him i dont really care!

    • Great! You have been vindicated.

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  • Things are very unclear... wait until he calls first... or at least until he message you first... don't do a thing.. don't make the same mistake twice

    • oh yes of course not!

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  • scientist actually found out that getting back with your ex is the best decision you can make.. most of them end up getting married (of course the break up shouldn't be over something serious)... so you never know, maybe this is your time. If you still interested, why not =p

    • oh ewww no! he's married now! plus i am over him. its just that we never had a closure in the first place and he hurt me tremendous amount he tried to make rumors about me too! i was just thinking maybe if he apologize and we both can have peace and move on!

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