Confusing Ex... He acts fine but does things that confuse me. What does it all mean?

So I broke up with my ex about two weeks ago because he was too "friendly" as in touchy with other girls and would get mad at me for talking to the guy friends in our group. Now we've had our ups and downs but in the end it felt like I was the only one trying to keep it together. Near the end he was acting like its ok for me to go out with my friend without him because he wanted me to, probably because he'd go out with my friends whenever I wasn't in town. Sometimes without saying he was. For a bit it was fine, but something happened that just didn't make me feel comfortable so I put an end to our relationship. He pleaded for another chance for it wasn't his second and I told him I just couldn't because he always said he would and didn't. Before we parted he told me "I'm not saying bye" because he was going to win me back and I did want that just didn't want to be dragged along waiting for it to happen. Anyways he kissed me and left. We ended up talking later that night but he had gone out with my friends again and well I was kinda hurt that he was acting so casual. He told me he loved me every night for three days until I was mad one night and said something short. Did I ruin something? Anyways we didn't talk but he texts my sisters... They told me he was sad and feeling hurt about me being mean and well I contacted him after three days later. He hasn't said I love you again, but did like this video of a family growing up and going through hardships saying "reminds me of you". Made me cry and well I do want him back but as I said I don't want to be the only one working this time. We didn't talk much until the weekend after and we missed each other af a local club. Later he got drunk and was blaming me for something that wasn't my fault. I told him that's him trying to get out of his guilt. He said it was so I could be mad and move on... I'm really confused. Haven't talked in a week but he contacted my little sister? What's that mean? Is he messing with me or?
Will he want to make it work if I just leave it be? Do I have to get him to talk to me or do I have to initiate? Please help!


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  • Just give it some time and don't contact him again... regardless of feeling sorry for him.

    You have to be a little mean sometimes to get the person to give up all hope of ever getting back together.

    If you contact him again... even if its to tell him that you moved on, he may feel this is another opportunity to get back with you.

    Tell your sisters your done with him and move on.

    • What if Im not sure I want things to be completely done? I wanted to work things out and am willing to, but once more I don't want to be the one to be the one to say "ok I want to make this work" because i always said "ok" in aspect like ok I forgive you or ok Lets make it work. My sister was a friend of his after we started dating and he knows she feel bad a lot for me and everything else. He also knows in most cases he can get her to talk to him by makin her think of something sad. Is it because he is trying to get to me or her? He values people's opinion of him a lot. He was also friends with his previous exs sister.

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    • He could be... it's easy to be confused after a break-up. He needs to take a break, its not good to go from one person to next, and it sound like that is what he is doing.

    • I'm not sure its moving to someone else. I want to fix things with him, but I want him to do it on his own volition not trying because I asked it of him and then failing. He's mostly just drinking with friends and being single.

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