What is his problem and how do I deal with him?

Hey :) so three weeks ago my ex and i decided that we should get back together but not at that that moment. Three weeks have gone and he decided to change his mind. That didn't surprise me, but his reason for doing so did. He said that he didn't want to go through with it because of my best friend (who is a girl). That is what pissed me off. Like if he doesn't want to be with me because of my best friend whom i love to death, he isn't worth my time. Now after he said what he wanted to say he repeatedly tries to get my attention by touching me or hurting me (he would playfully hit me). I dont know if he thinks that it's cute but it is really annoying. I've told him to stop countless of times but he won't listen. Now my friends are asking him why he won't leave me alone. They told him that it's obvious that he still likes me and why won't he just date me again. Whenever he is asked if he still likes me he dismisses the question or leaves the room. Honestly i can't take this. What is his problem? What can i do?


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  • Tell him to leave you alone. That the touching is unwanted and the next time he does it you will be making a call to your local prosecutor.


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