She dumped me after 5 months. Your opinion?

Hello everyone, I would like to share my story regarding my relationship with this girl. First off I would like to point out there both of us were virgins and for both of us it was first relationship we had. So, we started to date together, she is this kind of hardcore introvert girl that anything social is really hard for her... I am kind of introvert kind that doesent mind company of other people... We had similiar hobbies (same tv shows, books, stories, hobbies in general) it was really nice. So we met, we were seeing eachother only once every week or two because she is studying in different town. Everyone told its going to be difficult as she is complicated person, and shortly after I knew what they were talking about, she never texted or called or cared only and only sometimes( once a week or if I haven't texted or called her in three days ?) I kinda got used to it because she is different. In matter of weeks we got used to eachother and I found an appartment just for me and I got this feeling that everything is going to be perfect.. every weekend we had for really really nice, we had a great time she always told me.. and then with my new place where we had a privacy finally we could explore our sexuality. It was amazing at least for me because she was even more shy then I was but nonetheless we had a great time.. we were talking to eachother and she told me that it is really hard for her to talk to someone about her feelings or about anything but with me it was easier.. later on we had our first sex... for me and for her.. and exactly after the sex she started to be distant and after a week I told her that I have feelings for her. I didn't tell her I love her but I told her I really like her and stuff.. she told me she doesent know what to feel and that she needs time to think.. week after she broke up with me (I was talking most of the time about this breakup because it was hard for her to tell anything).
That day she tols me and everyone that she didn't felt the same way I did.. but why didn't she tell me earlier? Did she want to try sex or what? The way she was holding me and kissing me and playing with my hair and shit like this, it confuses me. \I dont know how to feel. We broke up in good, because I really like her and dont want anything bad to happen to her. But I feel used and like shit.


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  • Not every relationship has to have some deep meaning. Obviously it ran its course for her and she wants to move on. I understand you are hurt but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm sure you'll find a woman that is interested in being with you for the long-term, it's just not her.


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