Was this the right thing to text my ex boyfriend?

So my ex broke up with me over a month ago through a text and he was pretty mean but a couple of days later he called me to say sorry but this is where he starts to play mind games with me. He would tell me he loves me then hang up on me and ignore me, and then he wanted to come see me and work things out but he didn't come see me and now he is ignoring me and I have been nothing but nice and understanding with him.

So the last time he called me was a week ago but he was supposed to call me back but he didn't so I tried to call him but he wouln't answer or reply to my texts so I figured he was playing mind games again so I text him on Thursday saying "I feel like such a fool for still loving you because all you do is ignore me and you can't even tell me what you want I never want to talk to you again you broke my heart more than once and that hurts" but I feel kind of bad for saying that because I still love him but I know I shouldn't.


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  • He's playing you. He won't give you straight answers or consistancy, he just wants to see if he can still manipulate you, and he did. Value yourself enough not to subject yourself to such a negative influence. Ignore everything he says, it's clearly not genuine.

    • Yeah he is playing me and I fell for it because I still care but I'm just so tired of his games that's why I text him that I never want to talk to him again. I feel really sad because I kind of regret telling him I never want to talk to him again

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    • And that's what you need to remind yourself of, you live in the present and he is presently not the person you are in love with. To sit around and hope he changes in the hypothetical future, is just a waste of your own time.

    • Very true, I just need to move on and ignore him if he tries to contact me again because it is a very big waste of my time because he will never be that person again

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