My boyfriend and I recently broke up. Does it mean he still cares?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. He initiated the break up over some nonsense. I haven't contacted him at all and it's been a week and a half. The thing is, we work together and whenever he sees me, he goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't so much as glance in my direction. It's not a matter of him just not checking me out, he will make sure he looks the other way. Like with the back of his head to me. A few times I have wondered how he sees where he is going. Does this mean seeing me is getting to him? Does it mean he still cares?


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  • wow - I wouldn't worry about it. It seems that he's trying to accomplish two things at once. 1st it seems that by his behavior he's trying to get over you and there is still feelings there. 2nd, he doesn't want to loose his job in the case that you two start talking and end up arguing. I think number 1 is more reliable as to an answer. Every time he sees you he remembers the times shared.


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  • Well, it seems to me that he is obviously bothered and feels "troubled" being around you. It does not certainly say that he cares the way you're thinking he is... it's more like, he wants to avoid you and show you the clear signs of not approaching him at all anymore - because he doesn't want to have much "to do with you"(at least in any romantically way).

    I am sorry to say this... but it seems like he wants to let go and move on. And you to do the same too.

    Hope that kinda helps a bit /:


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  • Either that or he's furious at you and wants you to know how pissed he is


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