My ex broke up with me got a new girlfriend now is trying to talk?

So I've posted before about me and my ex spliting we have a 7 month old baby together, we split 2 months ago due to us arguing and him not being happy anymore. Since then he got a new girlfriend things didn't work out and he came running back. For a week things where great then I started to not really care and decided I wanted to be single. A day later he got back with her! And he stoped talking to me, stoped texting asking how his son was, would be awkward with me if he came to his mums when I was there letting her see his granson. Last Friday I was out with friends and kissed a guy and my ex was stood behind us he gave me a dirty look and stared at me the rest of the night, since then he's been texting asking who he was and if I was in a relationship with the guy I kissed on Friday! We've also just been generally chatting! he's told me he's never been this happy! But why is he asking me questions? And being nice to me again? Help!


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  • He didn't get what he wanted from the relationship with you, ended it, got a rebound, realized that was worse than being with you, tried you again, you dumped his crappy arse, he was too insecure to be alone so he jumped back with the other girl he could manipulate. He's pathetic. Don't talk to him about your personal life. He was a douche, you realized you deserved better, and good on you. Keep conversations about the child, anything else is not his concern.


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