Guys, does moving on always mean your over your ex partner?

does moving on always mean your over your ex partner? Are in a fine relationship but still love you're ex? miss you're ex? wish things didn't change? doesn't matter if the relationship lasted for a couple of month or years, do they still occupy in your heart?
Or do you know anyone who does?


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  • Yeah it can be tough you don't just move on over night but I will not get back with my ex once my mind is made. It's to damn hard and toy can draw a breakout on for months. best to just move forward and ignore you feelings in my opinion.


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  • After the break down of my first marriage i spent months going round in circles trying to figure what went wrong and why, i have since figured it had little to do with me and my actions and had this backed up by several of her friends even.
    But at first i was lost and very emotional, found my way to the bottom of a lot of bottles etc, eventually i found my way back and although she will always be a part of my history, she will only be that!
    If you're not over your ex completely how can you ever be fully committed to your current relationship?

  • I'm at peace with that, I still talk to her and we are still good friends. To me, moving on means to accept the reality that the world does not revolve around you and it never has to begin with. It's necessary to understand that.
    It's not about whether it's fair or not for you - it just happens to be so. There is neither reason nor time for regret.

    It doesn't work like that for everybody, though. Some people insist on drama and they have a hard time letting go, because it's not fair for them.

    It depends on the type of person what "moving on" means to them.


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