Should I forgive or move on?

So me and my ex ended badly. After we did she became an a attention whore. She made lies about me hacking into her phone and email, she asked guys for nudes, flirted nonstop. The thing is, this was only with random people online. No one she knew in real life and no one she kept talking to longer then a few days. I still have strong feelings for who she used to be. Now I'm not sure what I feel.


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  • Whether she wants you back or not isn't the question. I get it, you want her back, but unless there was something extraordinary between you two that you could never find anywhere else, it's good you broke up. Don't fault her, don't blame her, just acknowledge that you both still have feelings for each other and admit it's time to move on as painful as it may be.


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  • Give her a second chance, sounds like she misses you terribly. Us women act like brats at times. I'm sure she didn't mean it. You should strongly reconsider her again. Maybe you can save her from a path of destruction.


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