Do you remain friends with your ex?

The guy I am dating while talking about a close friends situation asked me if I am friends with any of my ex's. When dating someone is it a red flag to be friends with the ex's or is it if you aren't? What does it mean when someone you date asks that?


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  • I don't like it because a lot of people are not fully 100% over their ex. I was in a 4 year relationship and I'm not over her yet. It's been almost a year and I have a new gf. It's just a good thing I moved away and deleted her number.

    • I agree and disagree. I usually say that I can be friends with them but it takes time. I usually know when its over there is a reason for it ending. The guy I am seeing asked about about it and he has had a recent encounter with an ex about a month before he met me.

What Girls Said 1

  • No. Waste of time.


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