Hey, could use a lot of help. 18+ please?

Please no one younger then 18 read this. It's sad and you shouldn't have anything this serious in your life.

So this is long. I'm sorry. I just need help and am too messed up to try dating anyone and there's a girl I like but I'm having problems moving on. So I've only been in three relationships, the first one was good. She and I had fun no sex or anything and we were good together, but we did try some sexually stuff and found out we didn't like each other like that and just became friends. My second one was bad. She was very into sex and tried to get me to have it with her but I didn't love her so I kept saying no. It went on for awhile before she got onto Facebook and made fun of me being stupid (I have dyslexia so I can get sensitive about that stuff, she knew this and used it to hurt me) I got a lot of hate from everyone she knew, she told them that I forced myself on her and other stuff, even told him she'd call the cops. I started to hurt myself then, I hated me. I even tried to kill myself but it didn't work. Then there was number 3. I loved her with all my heart, she was the first woman I had sex with and the person I thought I'd spend my life with. But then things got bad for no reason. She started to ignore me and spend less time with me, she would talk to other guys and lie about it. She called her ex who she told me was abusive and a pot head. She lied about a lot. Then she broke up with me for being controlling because I told her I wasn't ok with her talking to guys she felt she had to hide from me. After she broke up with me she told everyone she knew, and posted on imgur a thing saying I've been hacking into her email and phone. Neither of which I've done. She also started to ask random guys for dick pics. I've completely blocked her.
But I've done bad stuff to myself, I cut a 'P' into my arm because her name is Paige. I still love the girl she used to be, but I hate who she is now. So I cut the 'P' into my arm to remember the hold her. I also tried to kill myself, the only reason I didn't was because ex number 2 stop me. About a week after gf 3 broke up with me ex 2 contacted me and said she was sorry and that she changed. So I forgave her and gave her a second chance. She came over and physical stop me from killing myself a


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  • Ahhhh... Forget the girls you need to love yourself. And know nobody is worth taking away your own life. If you loved yourself I think it'd be easier to get through all this as well as you need to start with someone new, after you get through to yourself. You can do this by going gym, eating healthy, go out more and enjoy friends' company.

    • It's not physical stuff. I'm one of the best fencers in my state. It's me thinking I'm stupid and worthless. I have dyslexia so I've been made fun of for being stupid my whole life. Still do.

    • Exactly you need to learn to love yourself. My current bf of more than 2 years has dyslexia and he had problems with loving himself like self destruction and stuff. He saw a therapist didn't work. This might sound weird but he went out with me I made him feel good about himself which built his confidence, he built mine aswell as we were very good friends before we went out and building each others' confidence started way back then. So you need friends that make you feel good about yourself not ones that make you feel horrible for being dyslexic and all those girlfriends don't sound like very nice people,

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  • All i have to say is that there are some really f'ed up people in the world. But they are who they are and no one can change that. The only thing you can really do is remove yourself from them and surround yourself with the people who know how amazing you are. And at some point things will fall into place. Easier said than done, i know, but i think having people to talk to who will understand and won't judge helps a lot. (Btw, I've known some crappy therapists so you're not really missing out!)

    • Thank you. Just telling people helps.

  • You seem to have just run into some really horrible women ex number 1. She seemed like the only sane one out of the 3. If your head is so clouded maybe try a therapist? I see a therapist to help me figure out better ways to handle my adhd. I'm like you when it comes to if someone calls you stupid because of your disability. I get really hurt and angry at the person who does it. Still seeing a therapist could really help you clear your head better. :) Also avoid the therapists that don't try to talk to you and just throw different meds at you. Those are the worst and never truly help.

    • I don't have the money for that otherwise I would. Thanks though.

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  • Hey... Cheer up. I understand how you feel, not with girls but from a different perspective. One of my friends tried to kill himself. He told me one day and I helped him get through it. He has acted differently since then, almost like a better person. Find someone you trust. A family member, A friend, maybe even girlfriend #1 if you guys are still good friends. While talking to a physician can be a good thing... it is important to remember that being with those that you care about is the best medicine. If you tell someone you will feel better... and besides it can help strengthen your relationship with that person because you two will hold a bond. As for girls... that is rough. Some just are idiots like that. The key thing is to not let their hurtful comments get to you. Ignore every person that has said something mean to you about that. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!! Hang with the people you do like. Also, you will find that perfect girl. You said #1 was a great relationship. There are other girls like her out there. You just have to find them. And don't let these past feelings affect your confidence. Most girls are not like that. If you be yourself and talk to someone you trust, things will get better. Please remember that. Remember that things will get better. During my conversation with my friend who tried to kill himself, he asked me "Is depression a first world issue or does everyone experience it?" I responded "everyone." This is true everyone hits ups and downs. I had a really rough time way back in elematary school with bullying... but it made me the person I am today. I don't hate the people that have hurt me over the years, I just love the people that like me more. Just Remember that things will get better and that you will be able to find that perfect girl somewhere.

  • Dude your head is all messed up. You need help to get your life together.
    Just call 911 and say you want to kill yourself, and let them get you in touch with people that can help you.
    If you do not like that option, then go into the forest and servive for the summer. Learn what life is all about.. on your own!!!

    • Dude. W. T. F?

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    • It wasn't just over a girl. My best friend took his own life last month. I got a lot of problems. I only talked about the girl because this is a relationship website. I'm from the U. S

    • Like i said, if you realy want to talk send a email.
      I can tell you what i have learned in life, and might be able to help.
      At the least i can give you a outlet to release some of your pressure.
      Also US

  • thats a tough one. maybe you should see a therapist.

    • Don't have the money for one.

  • Never trust a hoe.

    They will give you nothing but take from you everything.

    Go hangout with your friends/family and enjoy your freedom.

  • You have lots of female problems

    • Yep. Bitches be crazy.

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