Why do exes (girls) turn nasty when you talk with their friend?

To cut a long story short my ex of a couple of years dumped me over the phone. I felt blindsided by it as their was no mention or arguments, although she was very agitated the days leading up to the break up.

A week or so went by and I hadn't contacted her (I thought she would contact me for a proper discussion she never did, 2 year relationship over with one phone call, no drama just a phone call) and I started hearing gossip about this other guy. I kept my emotions to myself that week but my curiosity got the better of me as apparently the week before we broke up, her and this guy were spending a lot of time together on a night out and coupled with the gossip the week after, it felt like something was definitely going on.

I tried and tried not to do anything about it for another week as she had left me and it had nothing to do with me anymore but I couldn't resist so I emailed her friend to ask if something was going on with this guy, as apparently something was happening with them the week before and why is their gossip about him now we have split up. etc

Now my ex found out and went absolutely crazy and sent me the most hurtful email it actually made me cry and I'm a grown man. It was basically a page long email, saying how she doesn't love me, she did sleep with this guy and to get over it and if I ever contact her friends again id be sorry. She went out of her way to hurt me and every line did.

Why do exes (girls) turn nasty when you talk with their friend?
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