Why is my ex ignoring me?

He broke up with me but I think it was my fault because I kept asking if he wanted to be with me because he was acting distant and every time I would question him his answers were always short or he wouldn't answer my questions thats why I kept asking. He has contacted me a few times since the break up and told me he still loves me, and has feelings for me but every time he would call he either hangs up on me or says he will call back and never does, or if I text him he doesn't reply. It's been about 6 weeks since the break up but the last time he called me was last week but we didn't talk long because he said he would call me back in but he didn't and I really wanted to talk to him so I called him back after 30 mins and text him but he didn't reply I know I shouldn't have done that.

All I want from him is to know why he is doing this to me but he won't even take my calls or if I send him a text he won't even reply with a yes or no but I have stopped contacting him. I just feel so hurt by the way he is acting.

The last text I sent him was on Friday say that I never want to talk to him again.


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  • My guess is that he gets down on himself and sad and calls you, then panics..
    Send him another message that if he's serious to work out this relationship then you're happy to meet him to figure something out but you need to have an open mind and listen to him. If he doesn't respond in a few days, consider him history..

    • I already sent him a text on Friday telling him that I feel like a fool for still loving him because all he does is ignore me and he can't even tell me what he wants and that I never want to talk to him because he broke my heart more then once. After the break up I tried to move on and almost 2 weeks went by with hearing from him then he contacts me.

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    • I found it really tough after i left my first wife as she cheated but it takes months and possibly years to totally get over it. but do yourself a huge favour and cut your losses now

    • Yeah I'm trying my hardest to get over it but what makes it hard is when he contacts me

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  • He doesn't want to lead you on so he thinks avoiding you will get that across. I've been in a similar situation with mine.

    • But it's weird because after he broke up with me I told him that I respect his decision and I stopped contacting him. He has contacted me a few times after the break up to say he still loves me and just this month he said he wanted to come see me but he didn't come. The only time I text or call him is when he tries to contact me but other than that I never contact him. I'm just so confused by his behavior.

    • Oh, that is really weird then. Maybe he might be one of those guys that likes to manipulate your feelings... it sucks, but they're out there. My ex is like that. They want to feel wanted

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  • BECUASE he's YOUR EX FFS tired of these questions their your ex for a reason. Most people do not remain friends with people that had been previously fucking


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  • Well you did send a text saying you never wanted to talk again. What did you expect?

    • I sent him that text because he was ignoring me and I was tired of it. He called me on 3/17 3 times but I was asleep so when I checked my phone I had 3 missed calls and I called him back and he answered and we talked for a bit and he was really quiet and then he says can I call you back but he never did so I tried calling him back but he would n't answer so I text him asking if he would call me back but he ignored me so a couple of days later I text him "I feel like such a loser and a fool for still loving you because all you do is ignore me and you can't tell me what you want I never want to talk to you again you broke my heart more than once and that hurts." I was just tired of him calling me and then ignoring me because he has done it a few times after he broke up with me last month.

  • Perhaps he has decided to move on and he's cutting ties completely.

    • Yeah I think that's what he is doing but I wish he would have left me alone after breaking up with me because all he did was confuse me then walk away he is such a jerk.

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