Will it bother my ex that I haven't reacted to him moving on?

We share a child so we still keep in touch, however my ex has started to date someone new. He states that he doesn't know where it's going yet. As opposed to what others normally do, I didn't freak out or have a panic attack or go crazy. Despite what I'm really feeling, sad, I act like him seeing someone doesn't phase me at all. I do not ask about her, I do not text him to see what he is up to or anything like that. My question is, is it going to bother him that im not giving him a reaction?


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  • so what you want to know is if he still likes you or not ok.. if he's keeping in contact and telling you about her and acting like she not sure about her he prb still does and if still likes you it will prb hurt sum what that you did not react

    • We don't talk about her at all. I actually found out about them because she posted a photo in his bedroom via social media.. when I asked him he didn't deny it but said he was looking for the right time to tell me... which means he wasn't going to tell me. He's told me that he still has feelings but that they are slowly dissolving.

    • well i think he still cares about you by not just telling you about his new GF and not wanting to hurt you and he prb knows you have feelings for him which is why he wanted to wait but he did say his feelings are dissolving so i think he might be just trying to move i think you should find someone new as well and by doing this you may find out if he still loves you by being off the market this will make him realize hey this might be really over and that maybe not what he really wants but by just siting there doing nothing it kind make you seem like you have less value and things with less value are not as appealing as things that are perceived as high value so by getting sum 1 new this will up your value to him by seeing other guys want u to and if he does not want to get back with you hey at lest you can find sum one new right
      win win

    • Lol you have a very interesting take on this. You're right win win. And I guess you do have a point about making it something final in his eyes because he doesn't know what things are like without me

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  • I'm so scared this will happen to me. Pregnant now. He broke off our 9 year relationship last week. Does he talk about her to you?

    • No he doesn't bring her up at all. I'm sorry this is happening to you. With all of the changes in your body the last thing you probably need is heartache. I hope things get better and you remain strong! 9/10 they always come back. Remain silent and keep strong and remember that anything you feel you put your baby through as well... and you wouldn't want the baby to feel that way so early on in his/her life. Give him some time and don't chase. A nine year relationship is hard to move passed overnight. In no time, he'll come around.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. Much love and prayers for you.

    • Thank you... and same to you and your little one =)

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  • i guess he feels fine with it i believe...;-)


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