Has it been too long?

I used to be this incredibly awkward kid who didn't try very hard for much. Obviously, those kids don't get many(or any) girls. I finally met my first girlfriend and we had a turbulent, yet deep and serious 2 1/2 year relationship that ended with jealousy, possible infidelity(her friend says she did, she denies it), and basically a deep distrust for women that took many months to bring back to reason. Weve been broken up for a year and while I have turned my grades around, gotten myself to Ohio State(Go Bucks!), dropped the awkward bits, and grown into my looks, I still find myself lonely and depressed.

I guess my question is; keeping in mind the fact that this is the only girl I've even kissed while sober, do I need to get off my ass and try to find a rebound, if that's what it's still called after a year? Or am I allowed to take my time and meet a nice girl through friends, class, a party, etc.? I still love my ex but even she has mentioned that I should get out there.


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  • It's not a rebound anymore. Rebounding is starting to date/hook up after a few weeks or months. By this time it's no longer a rebound and simply you starting to pick up the pieces again and moving forward. You should date when you are ready to find love again. There's no set time. It should be when you are mentally in the position to want it.

  • Dude, yes!! At this point it's called moving on!


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