Girls, what does it mean when my ex avoids eye contact with me?

She broke things off because she didn't think she could be in a relationship right now. I took it pretty hard but tried to not let her see it. Two weeks later she is openly and flamboyantly flirting with another guy in front ofe. I get upset and couldn't restrain myself so i text her and call her out on it. Things were really awkward between us and allof our respective friends for a few days. I texted her and apologized for my outbreak. I asked her if there was any chance of us getting back together. She replied "I just don't think anything needs to heppen between us, at least not right now." So we agreed to just be friends. Well then a week or so later i texted her talking about the praiseband we are in at church. She replies that she is going to sleep, but "text me some other time, if i want". So i waited three days before texting her a video of a cool archery shot i had just made because she knows im really into archery. A week later and she still hasn't replied. Allthrough this time she has avoided making eye contact with me, however i catch her looking at me from across the cafeteria at school.

A little back ground info: she is a sophomore and i am a senior, however i am only going to college 20 miles away. We dated for 5 months. Things were amazing the first few months then she became sort of distant but you could tell she wanted to be there and was trying.
So she still hasn't talked to me and is still doing the same stuff in the halls like not looking at me when we are in close proximity to each other. But i catch her looking at me from long distances.


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  • She seems to like you and loves getting a reaction from you. Thats why she doesn't push you away because she likes to see that you still care about her. So you still have an effect on her. But it sounds to me like she liked you but it was just too much for her, meaning she probably wasn't ready for it. It does sound strange to me but I guess I'm simple, if I want to be with someone then I want to and if not then not. She is a little inbetween, were you clingy? Did you smother her? Did you do something to hurt her or feel invalidated? If its none of these things then she has her own issues, let her come to you. Don't try to be too friendly, it will backfire. Remain polite with her and show her that you are fine with her moving on. When she realises that, she will start to reconsider and thats when she will make a real decision. Leave this problem with her, as difficult as it is. Good luck :)

    • I suppose i may have been a little bit too available, i always made it a point to compliment her because she had a really poor view of herself.

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    • I've been told stuff like that a lot, but i really think she's the girl im never really going to get over. I know its weird to talk like that considering our ages and the time we dated but, I don't know she was different from every girl i have ever dated.

    • I'm going through the same and I have felt it before. I managed to get over the one guy I thought I would never get over. It takes time, willpower and determination to love yourself and put yourself first.

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  • Sounds like some odd behavior, but it might not be all her fault for ignoring you. Her friends might have something to do with it -- a lot of times, there is encouragement within friend groups to diss exes and ignore them because they 'deserve it' or certain other factors.

    Sounds like she might've gotten some advice to diss you, my friend. (The reason she looks at you when you're not looking, I don't know, though.) Sorry!

    • Its not that her friends love me, they actually took my side in all of this.

    • Hmm. Well, don't push this theory out yet. Some people aren't as 'on your side' as they say. I've experienced that for myself :( Good luck, though! Sounds like you really liked being with her.

    • I suppose that could be true, thanks for comenting, I didn't expect a reply so fast. You have no idea how mych i love beeing with her.

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