What's the best way to cope?

My ex and I just broke up yesterday. What's the best and fastest way to cope with a new break up?


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  • Watch Wayne's World of course! lol
    Seriously best way is to cut contact completely and spend time with your friends. It helps get your mind off things when you are around good people and have a good time. Don't stay home alone it may feel tempting but that just leaves you alone with your thoughts and you start thinking. Party on!


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  • Find your breakup album listen to that shit drink some wine with your mom or sisters or girl friends burn everything if his or that reminds you of him, pictures and keep sakes from dates.

    I'm gunna ask my sister what her breakup album was tou might like it I've never listen to it. I know it's a fleet wood mac. My breakup album was the rise and fall of ziggy star dust and the spiders from mars.

    • Yeah, don't do this. It's extreme and just makes things harder. The first step to making something terrible is blowing it out of proportion.

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    • First, we don't know what happened in your relationship so the symbolism is likely different, and second your case is not the norm so burning things because you can't actually acquire closure in another healthier way is hardly a good idea for the general population.

    • I. was in a relationship for 4 years it was very intense I lose my verginity to this girl and she was my best friend for years before started dating.

      After we broke up I was sad for 4 months like depressed. I had a stack of love letters I was reading like once a week and one day I decided to burn everything and while I watched it burn I found strength and confidence. It was one of my most powerful moments, I was over her almost instantly after that and 2 months latter I was smashing gash.

      I think it's worth a shot burning the stuff. It's like a final goodbye cerimony. I like to think of it as a viking funeral for your ex, @despondency

  • Breaking up with somebody is never easy, everybody has their coping mechanisms that work for them. You just need to find the best one that works for you.

  • It's coming up 12 years since i split with my first wife and i can't give you a quick fix... It's gonna hurt... She cheated on me several times i have since found out.. anyway you'll have quite a few "low, shitty" days and weeks for a while, i didn't get into another relationship for 2 years other than having a friends with benefits for a while. however i found the bottom of a lot of bottles and ended up in a very dark lonely place before i dragged my ass back to the real world and got on with life.
    You will doubt your split and think bout goin back give him another chance etc, trust your gut instinct, you split for a reason!!
    Get a big sheet of paper and write down all the reasons for and against getting back together and pin it to the fridge, it will remind you what you've done and why you did it...
    Best of luck

    • Would you recommend burning love letters and pictures and such?

    • I prob wouldn't go that far yet, but certainly pack them away and package them with a bit angry note on top "You really want to go here!" and put them way somewhere.
      Surround yourself with friends and have a good bitch session about him and get stuff off your chest but remember there are always three sides to a story yours, his and the truth...
      Watch out for rebound relationships and rebound sex mistakes... lol

  • A few cupcakes.


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