Girls, is ex warming up or realizing grass not greener?

Well long story short my ex gf and I were together for four years. Things ended bad no cheating or abuse just bad terms. We work together also she has been seeing a new guy for the last few months. We been light contact just professional since we work together but we haven't called or text in 4 months. She has recently started to say hi again when she sees me and I do as well no hard feelings things happen and you live and learn. The other day we happend to be in the elevator together and first convo in months she asked how I been and I asked how she been and she shrugged and said everywhere . what does that mean? Also I had left my vacation request form on her floor when I went back up for it she had touched it and read it then asked if I'm going on vacation I said yes and her face was like oh ok like she didn't like it very much


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  • It's just chit chat, don't look for a deeper meaning. She is seeing someone else and you're going to hurt yourself if you start interpreting things in a way that cause you to think there could be something between you again. It's been a few months and she just wanted to have a casual conversation, probably to ease some stress for herself, but it doesn't mean she has feelings for you or wants to pursue anything, so don't go thinking up things like that.


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