Do I overreact?

Sometimes I get sad over things because they hurt my feelings. Which is natural. I broke up with my ex boyfriend yesterday since he did not feel mature or ready to date. I yelled and said some really mean things. In the morning when I calmed down I apologized and stuff than asked if we could be friends.
Today he called me an idiot, stupid and told me why am I acting stupid. It hurt my feelings when I told him he said it was not right but it 'justified' what I did to him. We cleared that up as well, than when he goes to sleep I said I got sad when he left and a bit depressed. He's all like it's not healthy, you need a hobby.
I don't know if he's mad still or not because my feelings keep getting hurt. I could see if like I cheated on him, abused him or something that's like worthy of being mean to me over. I am a very good girl! Many people would be happy to have me. I understand he was not ready to date and I said I'd wait. I understood he was mad.... I did say mean things. I COULD have done worse.


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  • You're both teens, you both have hormones rushing through you, and girls tend to be more emotional that boys, but you need to try to be aware of your emotional reactions. If you feel like yelling or saying mean things, then take a minute, think about what that is actually going to achieve and then maybe don't do it. Try not to focus on boys or care so much about relationships at this point in your life, it's clearly upsetting you, so just step back from it and try to focus on something else. Oh and don't ever think that you aren't "worthy" of someone just because a relationship didn't work between you. That just means the two of you weren't right for each other but it doesn't mean that one of you is better than the other.


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