I don't know what to do with this guy?

And this guy is my ex boyfriend. Around the week of my birthday ( around the first week of Jan), he contacted me through Skype and we talked throughout the night until around 4 pm. He told me some vague details of his problems with his girlfriend, never giving in full details of his relationship with her but I can tell there was something troubling in the relationship.. well that's what I'm assuming.
Well long story short, he wanted me to text him from time to time and he also told me that he'll be visiting in California this summer (he lives in Texas). So today I texted him but it ended short (and this bugs me because I was hoping for another chance to tell him more of my feelings about our previous relationship). In the text, he said he'll be in LA this July and suggest that I should see him there. What should I do? Should I go see him? What do you think about him?


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  • He has a girlfriend, don't be a side thing. I doubt he respects you or has genuine feelings. It's just something fun to pass time.

    • Then why would he sent me a song that said it reminded him of our relationship, wanted things to work out again for the third time, and makes it as If his go been giving him nothing but unnecessary stress? Confusing for me right now.

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    • if he is that miserable being with his current gf, why would he stay with her and continue to pretend that things are going swell? That Isn't fair for the gf, or In your case, the wife. Learn to be honest with the gut feelings. you're not happy? Tell them so they can understand the situation! ! I'm sorry to all the guys if this sounds stereotypical, but guys seems to bottle up their feelings more often than women. that's what I afraid of. Asking him and getting vague answers. but it's nothing I can do if that happens because I can'that force a thorough explanation from him

    • He complains that I don't text him that often. Honestly, I would but that would be seen as a "desparate" attempt to get back with an ex. When he messages me, I would try to keep the conversation going. when I message him, however, it always ends up short and he replies with vague responses, which tells me maybe he doesn't really like it when I text him.

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  • A very vague question.

    • sorry. I updated my question and have included in the details

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