Girls, why has my ex lowered her standard?

Girls please assist.
My ex left me 8 months ago. We had a good and healthy relationship, without fighting or anything. We had a lot in common, and we were together for 7 great months. The break up happend out of nowhere

Now she is dating a new guy. This is the first time since the break up she is dating. I dont know why it took her so long. She has only known this guy for 14 days, but she is constantly talking about him in every post she makes on FB. In fact she even started talking about him on FB already after their first date. "Oh this guy is so great" etc
But she has seriously downgraded! The woman that I know all tell me that I am an 8. This new guy is barely a 4. He has an horrible attitude and nothing in common with her. And to quote on of my good female friends "he looks like bad news"


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  • I think maybe she got bored of having a perfect relationship. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you need to bring something exciting to the mix. Maybe this new 4 guy is feeding her hunger for adventure. I think it will end as soon as the thrill goes away.


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  • The bottom line is no one can judge her actions, you don't know what he does for her. She might actually like him. Looks are deceiving. Ever heard the quote
    "never judge a book by its cover"...
    Stop judging! . If she's happy be happy for her.

    • You didn't read the part with "horrible attitude", "Nothing in common with her" and "Bad news" did you? I am not judging him by his looks. I am judgeing him by the entire package...

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