Is this a dumb reason why we broke up?

My ex and I broke up over a month ago because one day he ignored me and I ignored him right back (which was wrong but I'm petty) and later that night he sent me a text saying "so are we done or not because I really don't care anymore" and well I got hurt and was upset by that so I said "yes, we are so done" (we broke up in the past once, and got right back together so I thought maybe I'd give him a couple days or something and we'd get back together again, we're definitely not an on and off couple) well after I sent that I apologized and we were back together kind of, we didn't really say it so the next day he wanted to get lunch together and my reply was "only if you're not gonna ignore me again" and he said "well you ignored me too so it goes both ways" and I don't remember exactly what I said but I told him something about him not caring if he was in a relationship with me and he said "I kind of care and kind of don't" so we broke off again and again later that night and the next day, I tried getting back with him but he didn't want to. He was telling me how he has changed and isn't the same person anymore and he was too hurt. He said he was tired of me getting attitudes and tired of when we argued. Which wasn't a whole lot.
A couple days before this all happened, he was being so sweet towards me like he always was (he wasn't an asshole boyfriend) he was telling me how I have this "sass" (attitude) that makes him want to keep fighting for me and want to be with me and work harder, that he loves me so much because of not just who I am but what I can be and just a whole bunch of sweet stuff.
We were together for 2 years.


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  • first of all, why did he ignore you? you don't give any information on this.
    you say you're not an on and off couple but the fact that you've broken up twice, and then break up again within two days of the second break up, pretty much means you are an on and off couple. you can't break up 3 times and say you're not off and on. xD you just can't.
    you need to make up your mind about him. he tells you he's changed, from when? from your last break up, he's a totally different person? he's not. he just needs an excuse to bounce.
    it seems like a dumb reason for breaking up. "he ignored me so i ignored him back" lol come on. you're 16 years old and you obviously don't know how to handle a real relationship. :/
    you both don't seem happy and he said he doesn't care if you get together or not, so just let it go. you're young and you need more time to grow and learn who you really are, and how to act in a relationship.

    • Okay so if we broke up 5 weeks ago and I think last week I finally asked him why he ignored me his reply was "I was upset at everyone and everything". Before we recently broke up, we weren't an on and off couple. Let me rephrase what I said earlier. I said we have broken up in the past one time but I don't know why I didn't remember this but I wasn't actually a break up, it was just insisting that we break up but we didn't, we apologized afterwards. It was just an argument. I don't know when he's changed. I guess like right after we broke up the first time which was 5 weeks ago. Okay to make it more clear, we broke up on a Thursday, kinda got back that night, broke up again Friday and I can't remember if Friday night he said that or Saturday night. Like all of a sudden he just didn't care as much anymore but I guess he was having family problems and wasn't telling me. He's kind of weird. He distanced himself from me a little but I had to understand he needed his space

    • Like I said I know that was wrong of me to ignore him but I was already kind of upset. Still gives me no reason. Yeah I'm young. I do know how to act in a relationship. Probably better than some of these adults or young adults. All I did was ignore him, I know that was wrong. It's not like I always did it. Just one time

    • just the way you're breaking up on and off is silly. he apparently needs time alone because he's dealing with his own issues. i'd just break it off and let it go.
      if you're gonna get in arguments like that and insist that you break up, thats not healthy. you can't really just throw around "OH OK LETS JUST BREAK UP". you have to take it seriously. but i guess thats in the past now.
      anyway, the whole situation just seems kind of dumb. he doesn't know how to deal with his feelings i think. you guys break up, then he acts sweet, then you break up again and he says he doesn't care. meh.. he's not worth it. not for now at least. maybe when he's had time to deal with his shit.. he seems to be the common denominator in this situation.

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  • Seems like this whole relationship is based off of immaturity. lol. Ignoring each other randomly is silly. Gotta have communication to have a surviving relationship.

    • HAHA LOL. It definitely wasn't. We did communicate

    • Any relationship that breaks up and gets back together as much as y'all are seems pretty immature. You state that you don't hop back and forth but right after that, you claimed that y'all broke up yet again.

      If he is acting so negative towards you, it's best to move on. If he claims he doesn't care if you broke up or not, then that should be a clear sign that he doesn't want to be in the relationship. If he's acting lovey dovey one minute, then ignoring you the next, then there could be someone else on the sidelines with him.

  • The ignoring each other part was dumb. Communication is key


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