Why do ex girlfriends play games when they break up with you?

My ex broke off with me a couple of months ago but it seems as though she is having a contest with me by playing mind games, putting certain status quotes, one minute she's not sleeping next minute she's rubbing it in my face that she's out all the time! now she's blocked me on Facebook although I've not made any contact with her! do us guys read too much into this? personally when I split from somebody I leave them alone and don't rub it in there face, bearing in mind we were together 3 years!


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  • Ok... well the mind games... they just make life so much harder... I hate playing them because they are like lies, you eventually lose your place... and often mind games involve lies... Ok with that said... my opinion on girls that play them is that they REALLY need to grow up and wake up and smell the coffee... they don't work and only make things harder... Why do girls do this? There could be a couple of reasons... 1) they want you back, so they are putting on the chase for you... confusing I know... 2) they just want you jealous... If you are jealous they think that you will want them again... they want you to try for them again so they can say no to you... and hurt you just as bed as you could have hurt them... catty yes, but I never said that we play nice... or 3) They are hurt and are trying to convince you that they are just fine... they don't want to show you they are week... and they maybe trying to convince themselves of the same thing... I hope I helped... Like I said... they are confusing, these games are meant to make you think... if you play them they have won... You deserve better than to be played. :)

    • Makes sense!!! but why?? I really don't see the point of games just getting to the point is so much easier....thank you for your answers :-)

    • All I can say is that she wants you back big time,there is no doubt about it.So the question is,do you want her back?If not,the best way to get her off your back is to ignore her,maybe even let her see you with a new girl.Believe me it works.

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  • Why do you pay attention to her or care?

  • I went through the same thing a year ago. Don't even worry about it.

    Just focus on yourself, and ignore what she does with her time or status'. Give it time and you'll find you have much better things to do. :)

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