help im wrong and i know im wrong?

Hi . Il start by saying that I am totally and utterly bang out of order and ashamed and embarrassed . I went through my guys emails and txts etc I never found a thing and never asked about things . He caught me out because without realising I opened something that wasn't looked at yet an I was the only one tht it could have been . He confronted me I denied it then half hr later I admitted it and I apoligised for it all . Now he says the trust is gone . I made a mistake I owned up and think he's maybe just taking it a little too far. Not excusin my behaviour . I was just embarrassed and ashamed of it . Please help me out here and tell me if he's right to end things it's not like I questioned something and got it all wrong etc and accused . Believe it or not I only looked because I knew I wldnt find anything and it really did comfort me . I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with fear lately and it helped me know that this part of my life was safe .


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  • Sorry, but you have betrayed his trust. Even if you had serious doubts about him, it would be bad. Yes, you might have got the answer, but not one you would have wanted to see. He would not have left access to his email account if he had something to hide. You don't say if he's left you. I do hope not. You made a mistake, and it will take some time for him to trust you again. Please learn from this mistake. I really hope it works out OK for you. Just take it one day at a time.

    • we live together but he says its done. no complety right i did look but i did admit it. i just feel its a little harsh a mean i can accept the silent treatment and the bending over backwards to make it up to him because i was wrong but wantning me out.:(

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    • Thank you. He's hurt. And I understand that. I'm just coming to terms with it all it will be what it's meant to. Just love him so much he loves me and it's just ashame 😔 xxx

    • If you need to chat any more, i'm open to pm's. I won't push it. Totally your call. Or if it's still on topic, we can stay here. Up to you entirely. I'm not going away

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  • You still crossed a line by checking his personal email


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