Should I put my ex in her place next time I see her?

So we were dating for two years.. we were about to move out together. We could only see each other like twice a month because her parents wouldn't let us be together. She was choosing me over ever talking to her mom again. she was nuts about me. She ended it plating the victim card saying Im using her and I don't show that I care or love her at all. Was going through military training getting 4 hrs a sleep a night working my ass off. She got all passive aggressive on me. She ended it saying all that and she made a comment saying this might be shallow but km going to live a high class life style and I'm sorry but your career doesn't do it. This chick is 18 years old firSt year of college. I think she said it just to hurt me because she was afraid of saying that she just got scared and bailed. This girl was nuts about me before.. I opened up to her completely apologized. That comment just blew past me because I was so love struck at the time. Looking back I want to put her in her place. She's got this attitude of breaking guts hearts and just not giving a f. She holds this ego. I want to give a reality check and tell her this is real life and not a Nicki manaj music video. If I ever run into her again should I say this and say there is no NC hance in hell I'd ever be with you again? Or just play it cool


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  • Eff her, if the moment call for it make sure u give it to her good

    • She needs to be put in her place. I went bitch mode opening up to her after that. Can't believe it. I've always been the tough guy. Problem is I don't know if I'll ever see her again.

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    • Yeah makes more sense to me. Don't know if I should see her as an imatture kid and be the bigger man and just let it go or put her in her place.

    • That's up to you, I'd suggest asking her what her made her come out her face that way.. ask wtf is the deal. I'm sure you'll find your answer.

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