Should I move on or try and get her back?

So I'm a senior in High School and ex is too. We met began talking during the end of our freshman year and "got serious" all through out sophomore year and then made it official in the beginning of our Junior year (even though we were sort of together to whole time). Since we began talking and got official we have had a lot of typical teenage relationship problems. I was texting other girls and she would get mad, posts/liking stuff on Facebook would get her upset and other things. I admit I have done some really stupid things but we've always got back together.

In the beginning of our senior year, i caught heavy senior-itis and wouldn't come to school all the time and she would be mad, and she expressed her feelings about it but I didn't listen and just kept doing what I was doing. She didn't like that I was smoking weed, and coming to school high and stuff like that and one day I smoked and went to sleep without texting her and didn't come to school the next day. She got really upset, blocked my number and didn't talk to me for a week.Then she told her friend that she wanted to talk to me but I didn't talk to her when she wanted to, and when I approached her the following day she blacked out on me. She started yelling and screaming while we were in school and she started saying a lot of hurtful things, but i brushed it off. However, that was the last time I ever spoke to her because she blocked my number, deactivated her FB, and all her friends say she's done with me and I see her talking to other guys here and there at school and it gets to me.

I've been with this girl for 2 and a half years, I took her virginity and she's the love of my life, and I refuse to think that she's done because of everything we've been through since our freshman year, and I hate that our last conversation was an argument.

Should I try and talk to her in school Or should I just move on and accept that she's just seems kinda petty that we broke up cuz I wasn't going school.
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  • I think you should move on it clearly shows by the description she moved on when she talked to other guys and deactivated her fb and blocked your number she wants you to move on too

    • But she has deactivated her facebook and blocked my number before (when she was upset), but you're probably right...

  • Try and get her back if you really love her and are ready to change (and stop doing the things that she go upset about).


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