Should I Done Things Differently To Keep Her?

Ok Hi about a month ago my girlfriend now ex came up and we had a intimate night It well good until the next day. She all of a sudden wanted to go back home to her mom like she wanted nothing to do with me it was kinda weird. We took her back home and when i got back i text her hey sorry i didn't give you hug are you mad at me She just replied no. Then after that we didn't talk for like two three days. Then I messaged her again asking here what she thought about that night because i need time to still think about it so i was just making sure that she needed time too. she did. Okay So we left each other alone for another couple of days and i said all this stuff like we should be friend we pushed to far we need to be friends a little bit more. She started being rude saying I am too busy I don't want to talk about this. I said what are you so busy about that you don't want to talk to me. i was trying my damn hardest to keep up with her care for her and i told her that too. She is putting too little effort in our relationship. So after that its been One week we didn't talk. If she really cared for me she wouldn't get enough of me. So i text-ed her saying how came you never text me she says i haven't brrn replying back or texting to anyone. And she said she wants to be done with everything that really ismaking me scared. i ask her well what about what we have does that mean anything to you because to you. you make me happy and i want to do the same for you then she says nothing means anything to me anymore. And that's the end pretty much thank you guys IF you read this all i appreciate it i just need y'all opinions. I thought i Tried My haredest Do You?


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  • This situation is entirely about her, and not about you, understand that. she spent the night with you and from what you've described, she was not happy about what she had done when she reflected on it the next day. She was either ashamed (not that you did anything wrong) or she felt she went too fast, too early, but because she wanted to leave your company asap, indicates that she was reacting to something that happened between you and her. Perhaps she didn't want to be a girl who stay over or did you have sex, and maybe she regrets that, but it's all about her, and you couldn't have known how she would react.

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    • Quiet possibly. Either way, she wasn't comfortable with her behaviour or whatever took place between you.

    • Ok thank you

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