I has my ex been with other people based on?

I still sleep with my ex every once in awhile and we met up today and slept together and he came under 3 minutes like instantly and he usually lasts at least 10-15 mins. Does his lack of stamina prove he hasn't been with anyone?


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  • Doesn't prove anything. Guys vary a lot. It's a possible indicator, nothing more.

    Maybe you have good physical chemistry, if I'm with a woman who smells right sometimes it doesn't matter if it's round 4, I lose it.

    • So basically if he's comfortable with me and our bodies are in sync then that could be why?

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    • He didn't seem bothered at all, as he could continue on. Lol I just wondered if he finished so fast because he hasn't had any in awhile? He usually lasts a long time right from the start.

    • It's quite possible, but it could be for any other random reason. If he doesn't seem uncomfortable then it's not that... who knows. :)

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