Why does the break up still hurt? how to get over it?

I went through a break up a month ago. I broke up with him because i wasn't getting the attention i deserved. It was long distance and he wasn't doing his part in texting and calling like i was. So i ended it because it was for the best. But even though he did nothing for me and treated me pretty bad by neglecting me, why do I miss him? When will I finally get over it? I hate feeling like this and im sure he's moved on but I don't know why I can't.


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  • Well, let me give an opinion on that...

    • ... right after I snag the 1st to answer.

      First of all, I'm sorry you're hurting. I would point out that a month, for many people, isn't all that long. It's not at all surprising you're still feeling hurt.

      I suppose time and distance are your best allies here. If someone invented a cure to a broken heart, that person would be rich. However, as there's no such cure, you'll just have to go one day at a time. You'll have to keep yourself occupied with as many things as you can. I recommend exercise if you don't already. And there's nothing wrong with talking to people about your feelings.

      In time, although it may not seem like it now, you'll be ready to find the next Sir Awesome. Message me if you feel like talking. You take care now.

    • Thank you!

    • You're welcome.
      Thank you for MH.

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  • There may be these possible reasons why -:

    1.) Well first of all 1month is not enough to get over someone...😳

    2.) he is not there woth you physically but he is still there in your head... So let him go.. dont think about him and you will get over him...😕

    3.) You may still have feelings for him... Or you might wanna get back with him... again do a little soul searching and let him go if you don't wanna back with him...😊

    4.) And take all the time you need to get over him...👍

  • He was a big part of your life; you can't just forget about that overnight. Some people take longer to recover than others. It has been my experience that it takes about 25-50% of the length of the relationship for my emotional wounds to heal after a relationship ends.


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  • For me it took 2 months. Then I started thinking clearly and I realised the break up was for the best.

  • If you were able to see just how unaffected he is over the same breakup, I'd imagine it would take you no time at all to get over him.
    Guys take about a week max to 'grieve'
    Then they are out with the next one


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