When to breakup?

Basically I've been unhappy with my relationship for a couple of weeks now. I want to end it but we both have important exams coming up in a months time. Also the day of our last exam we have prom. 1 month after prom Im going away for 3 months. When would be the best time to break up? Now since im unhappy or later as to not ruin her exams?


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  • Depends how unhappy you are right now - can you put up with it while your exams are on? The last thing you need is to deal with tears, pleadingand long conversations during exams. Also, you might be unhappy in the relatiobship but the breakup will also be an unhappy (and probably stressful) time. So whether or not you break up before exams, you will be unhappy during exam time. I would sugest the best for your exams is to reduce your time with her - tell her you just need time to study. I would probably wait until after prom if you can out aside how unhapy you are in the relatuonship andbjust enjoy the evening - especially since prom is last day of exams -perhaps this will be easier if you know your decision is made. Also I guess you have made a commitment to go with her. If you break up the day of the prom then that will still not be a happy prom for you. I would therefore wait until the day after prom.


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  • As soon as you realize you don't want to be in the realtionship anymore. Don't make excuses to drag it out, that's kinda mean to the guy. Have the decency to end it.


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