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So my ex made a rumor that I'm tight my boy mate said that don't matter it will make boys like u more but then my ex said but now they will think your a slag cause I must have a least touched their to no that help? What would u think if u heard this about a 14 year old


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  • i would think that the kids these days are getting way too sexual at way too younger ages and that someone needs to sit down with them and explain to them that this is a very unhealthy way to live


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  • That he has a lot of growing up to do. Don't worry about it he'll just sound like a loon and no one will remember after the next fight or like 3weeks from now.

    • It's been like 2 months already and people r still on about it

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    • He's still bullying you. If you don't want to be bullied and harassed stand up for yourself or go tell the principle.

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  • Don't worry about what silly boys think. Even the girls say anything or think it don't worry about silly kids you know better and show that you are strong and bigger by showing them you don't give a rats fart what any says or thinks about you.
    They will soon move on to the next bit off gossip going round school.
    When someone point their finger at you they is always three pointing back at them.

  • I think you need to learn English , and grammar, and punctuation, and sentence structure, and...

  • Boys will like you more if you're tight.


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