Ex boyfriend is missing me and texting me all the time. help?

Well, he was very happy that we called it quits and has avoided me since. So, here i am, trying to move on but BOOM! he comes back and says that he's realizing my value and is making ammends to make me stay in his life but i have sort of moved on and don't wanna go back there. he tells me that i am the best thing that has ever happened to him but i don't want him in my life...i just wanna be single and live my life. HE's not understanding that. I don't knoow what to do he just keeps calling me texting me. What do i do? please help?


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  • he's missing you basically... y not accept him as a friend for a start?

    • I don't wanna hurt him like that cuz you know exes can't be friends that easily. Well, he still has feelings for me, so it would be too hard for both of us to move on.

  • You'll never see me in your life again. Not a threat or anything but just for your information, this is my last day - Yagnesh


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