Girls, have you ever been so hurt that you couldn't forgive , and then you regretted it? please help me?

My ex wanted me to get back with him, he wanted us to get engaged,but i found out he met his ex which broke my heart and really scared me a lot , he freaked out when i knew , kept calling me, and crying , he tried hard to get me back saying he loves me , i will be lost without you, i swear i love you , it really hurts me that i won't be with you , and that you can't believe me , he came to my home , but i was too hurt , it really scared me , because he was coming to repair our relationship and then i found about this which really scared me , he tried by calling me and asking me to go out , i went out with him but the whole time i kept asking " why did you see her , why ,,why ? ", he said it was a mistake and that he tried to live without me but he couldn't , all that was in 3 weeks , which was not enough with me :'( , i got so hurt. now i regret that while i was being so sad and refusing this girl kept attracting him, till the last day he was with me but i felt that she has attracted him in a way, but still after he travelled he still talked to me and wanted to be with me , but i my heart was just so full of the lies ."why did you say that , why did you look sad when we talked about .." :'( , he said what else should i do , i said i dont know but i can't trust him and it is hurting me , we then had a fight he said i am just stringing him along , but i swear i wasn't , it was real torture, and we didn't talk for 3 days , then i found out he talked to that girl again , when i confronted him he shouted at me and said what do you want now, i tried a lot, you have no right to be sad :'( , i thought he won't talk to me again and i cried a lot , but he did , the next day he called me and said that it was nothing , and that he wants me , but i was so scared,i told him please leave me to forget you :'( , i again though he won't talk to me again , but after 2 weeks he did again , he wanted us to try to restrain the hard feelings and to talk friendly. he even said that he wears the tsh
the t-shirt i gave him , i was nice at first and replied nicely, but when he wanted to talk more i said that i can't talk to him when they are talking, this time he got fed up with me for not wanting to get things going at first, and since then we haven't talked, now i really regret it :'( , but i was too scared of getting hurt again, do i call him and say sorry and give him time , or it seems to you that i dont trust him at all and it won't ever work so i got to let it go although it is so hard


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  • Why would you regret not being with a sleaze? This guy sounds just like Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules:

    He would go back and try to get Stassi doing all the things that your ex did to you--sweet talk, calling her, telling her he loved her and he was sorry. And then when she wouldn't give him the time of day because he hurt her, he would go fool around with another girl behind her back. Which repeats the cycle.

    Your ex sounds like a gi-normous asshole who doesn't deserve you. Three weeks isn't enough to get over a betrayal for some people. He's making you feel like shit even though he was the one that did wrong.

    Move on from that fool.

    • three weeks because it was his vacation , he lives in another country , he wanted us to go out and have fun and build memories but i was too hurt to do so :'( , i love him, everybody says that he is just so immature

    • He is. I think you'll realize that later on, but hopefully soon. No guy who truly cares about you would treat you in such a manner.

      I do understand that they might be willing to give you time to get over the hurt, but any guy who "loves" you wouldn't hurt you in the first place i. e. put his selfish needs before yours.

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