How do you get an ex back slowly with out looking desperate?

This guy was my first love. I still care about him very much and may be in love with him still. I dated one other person after we broke up but it wasn't the same and I want to try and work things out. I sent him a message apologizing and in his reply he said that he can't be friends with me because he still has feelings for me. We continued to text for a little bit and at one point got a little bit flirty, we ended the conversation off on a positive note And during the entire conversation was positive. Is there anyway to get an ex back? I am in no means in a rush and would prefer to take the slower route but after he said that he can't be friends because he still has feelings for me obviously, is that a good or bad sign?


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  • Wow one other person... I think you need to try more than one other guy. A representative sample is considered seven or more in statistics.

    Try that and see if you end up with someone comparable or better.


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  • That's a tough one... because he isn't allowing you to be friends right now, and possibly anytime soon. He doesn't want any contact with you so either you can wait like a few weeks and say hi, and just gradually talk to him. But that requires time and in time who knows... he might become interested in someone else.. you already told him how you feel so you can decide to stop chasing him or chase him slowly risking your time and heartbreak

    • I forgot to mention that he also said he's sure that we will cross paths again. Is that a good sign?

    • That seems like a good sign. It just means that when he's ready he is willing to be friends again

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