I don't know if I should even stay in the relationship or not?

I have been thinking on this for quiet a while.
Am I in a happy relationship? Do I really want to stay with her for the rest of my life?
Well to answer these questions I would first have to think about my partner and her flaws.
• Complains a lot
• Makes me feel unattractive
• Yells at me sometimes about her own problems
• Indirectly blames me for her own problems
• Gets mad at me when I am unable, despite my efforts, to keep a promise
• Has social anxiety
• Is probably not motivated at all
• No career goals
• Doesn’t know what she loves
• Doesn’t know why she loves what she does
• No compromises or leaps of faith
• Makes excuses a lot
• Doesn’t know how to “not care” about how others look at her, only my opinion should matter
• Doesn’t believe me when I say she is pretty, and by god she is
• Gets unnecessarily mad and angry when things don’t go her way (not compromising again)
• Makes me feel like I do all the work in the relationship myself
• Calls me weak, stupid, and scared
• If things don’t go her way, nothing will get accomplished/no peace
• Doesn’t understand that sometimes we have to do certain things in order to keep moving
• Doesn’t know how to make up her mind
• Doesn’t know how to compromise for an alternative
In general, I feel like I do everything wrong in this relationship. I have no self-esteem and when I am around her I feel completely drained. Things always have to go her way. I feel like it is a one way street sometimes. She bribes me with sex (I like sex sorry) and suggestive talk. I feel like I am the one carrying the block up the hill while she directs where to place it.

Now for me: I am highly motivated, I want Nursing as a career, I have no social anxiety (I had lots before, now I just get over it), I am determined and I try my hardest to help her in her endeavors. It seems like nothing is working or helping to help her overcome this mysterious disorder she apparently has. She always has to get dolled up before we leave for college...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would get out. It seems like she's putting you through a lot of stress and at your age, you have too many stressors to deal with (i. e. School, work, career goals, family, etc.). Focus on you during the next few years, finish school, get in your career and then maybe focus on a relationship. Nobody should be putting anyone through what she's putting you through.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Before you make a desicion you need to update this question with all of the things you like about her or her good qualitys and then see if the good ones can out weigh the bad. I had a similar relationship but if a girl called me stupid in a mean way I would freak the fuck out and break it off then and there.


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  • You deserve someone who's gonna make you feel loved. Not someone who's gonna call you names, and treat you like shit. Sounds like she has a lot of maturing to do. If you even have to question staying with her, it's time to let her go, no matter how hard it will be.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes leave you deserve someone who is not her lol


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