Girls, does she still like me?

My girlfriend of 5 months broke up with me saying that she couldn't be in a relationship with me. Two months have passed and im still not back together. I catch her looking at me from down the hallway or cafeteria at school. But she hides her face from me. We had a big argument a month ago and her friend told me she still felt guilty about breaking up with me. I texted her and apologized about the figjt and we agreed to be friends. After whoch she still looks/hides from me the same way. I texted her about the worship band we are in at church and she was going to bed, but said to text her some other time if i wanted. I waites three days and texted her. Its been over a week with no reply.
Please comment if you have anything to contribute.

So recently we have texted every now and again then while on a long car ride home i was doing some twitter stalking and saw this tweet that said something along the lines of "sometimes a girl pushes a guy away to see how hard he fights for the relationship, to see how much it really means to him." Does this mean i should fight harder?


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  • She doesn't want to talk to you, and clearly isn't interested in dating again.

    • But that doesn't explain why she told me to text her, or why i catch her looking at me every five minutes at lunch.

    • Looking at you means nothing, she could be doing that for many reasons. As for asking you to text, again, doesn't really matter if she doesn't respond, does it.

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